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Cooling Upgrades - Sprite MkI

Cooling Upgrades - Sprite MkI

The Sprite I radiator can easily be replaced with the later type which has a shroud on the engine side, this helps with airflow and cooling. If your car only has the two blade fan fitted, extra cooling can be gained by fitting a second blade at 90° to the first or for better engine temperature control, upgrading to an electric cooling fan.

It is possible to fit the later type uprated water pump that gives a greater flow rate and higher pressure, but you will need to ensure that the vanes clear the cylinder block when fitted. The bottom hose bore must be larger for this pump, one may already be fitted if your car has an iron bodied pump.

  Description Price
Radiator With Cowl Part Number: ARA241
Fan Blade, steel Part Number: AEA301
Uprated Water Pump Part Number: GWP134
Bottom Hose Part Number: GRH315

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