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Water Pipes And Fan Switches

Water Pipes And Fan Switches

If you would prefer to use a regular fan switch than the capillary item supplied with the Kenlowe fan use one of these stainless steel bottom pipes with adaptor and choose one of the switches according to the temperature range.
  Description Price Qty  
Waterpipe And Adaptor Part Number: 130039SST
Thermostatic Switch Part Number: IM50100 Notes: On 82C, Off 68C
Thermostatic Switch Part Number: IM50090 Notes: On 86C, Off 81C
Thermostatic Switch Part Number: IM50250 Notes: On 88C, Off 74C
Thermostatic Switch Part Number: IM50120 Notes: On 88C, Off 79C
Thermostatic Switch Part Number: IM50200 Notes: On 92C, Off 87C