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Waxoyl Rust Prevention

Waxoyl Rust Prevention

Probably the most effective aftermarket rust prevention treatment available. Waxoyl is designed for use in cavities such as sills, chassis leg and wheel arches to provide antirust protection. It spreads evenly over the applied surface forming an effective seal against the environment.

Waxoyl Starter Kit
The starter kit contains everything you need for initial protection, includes a 2.5 litre cartridge of Waxoyl, high pressure spray and an extension probe to reach into cavities. The cartridge can be replaced with WO103 or refilled using either WO102 or WO104.

Waxoyl Application Tools
We also stock a range of Waxoyl application tools: High pressure spray gun - fits the cartridge can WO103 only Extension probe 1metre - Fits high pressure spray WO108 only

  Description Price
Waxoyl Starter Kit Part Number: WO105 Notes: Includes everything you need for initial protection.
Waxoyl Aerosol 400ml Part Number: WO101

Regular Price: £9.60

Special Price £9.12

Waxoyl 'Black' Aerosol 400M Part Number: WO101B

Regular Price: £9.60

Special Price £9.12

Waxoyl Refil Can, 5 litre, clear Part Number: WO104

Regular Price: £35.20

Special Price £33.43

Waxoyl Refil Can, 5 litre, black Part Number: WO104B

Regular Price: £34.50

Special Price £32.77

Waxoyl Refil Cartridge, 5 litre Part Number: WO103

Regular Price: £25.80

Special Price £24.52

High Pressure Spray Gun Part Number: WO108

Regular Price: £42.70

Special Price £40.56