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Interior Trim Kits - TR5 & TR250

Interior Trim Kits - TR5 & TR250

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The TR5, TR250 and TR6 used basically two different grain vinyl materials throughout their production. These are best described as fine (known as Stag) and coarse (known as Bubble). Broadly speaking the grain pattern started production with fine (Stag) and went to a course (Bubble) in 1973 when (c) CR/CF models were introduced.

Trim Kits - TR5 & TR250 - Fine 'Stag' Grain
The door liners and rear quarter liners have four horizontal welded lines and the rear cockpit liner has vertical welded lines. This style is produced in the fine 'Stag' grain vinyl. This range featured door pulls in the padded door tops. This interior trim kit is used with seat type 1.

Trim kits include the following items constructed in a similar manner to the original from matched colour grained vinyl’s:

  • One pair of door liners
  • One pair of rear quarter liners
  • One pair of rear wheel arch covers with foam support backings
  • Two pieces of vinyl material to cover the inside face of the ‘B’ post
  • Two vinyl covered triangular ‘B’ post gusset liners
  • One rear cockpit liner


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