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Dynamat Xtreme & Superlite - Step 1 - Sound Insulation

Dynamat Xtreme & Superlite - Step 1 - Sound Insulation

Traditional bitumen material used by classic British car manufactures to deaden sound is heavy, awkward to install and not very good at heat insulation. Additionally underfelt is prone to fraying and absorbing water, oil and other spills or leaks. Not good qualities in any car.

Dynamat is a revolutionary range of products designed to keep your classic cool & quiet.

  • Isolates panel vibration.
  • Reduces road noise.
  • Reduces heat soak from engine & exhaust.
  • Non absorbent materials.
  • Self adhesive ‘peel & stick’.
  • Easily cut & moulded to fit.

There are two simple steps to a cool, quiet, luxury car feeling. Once you have followed Step 1, follow Step 2 - Dynaliner Heat Insulation

Step 1 - Deaden the noise
Apply Dynamat to all the accessible interior panels of your car. Dynamat is best for noise reduction with some heat reduction. Start with firewall/bulkheads, gearbox tunnels, front floors, doors, rear floors, roofs, wheel arches, under bonnet, boot lid. We supply two types of Dynamat noise insulation, Dynamat Xtreme or Dynamat Superlite.

Dynamat Xtreme
A highly efficient, composite material designed to reduce noise, vibration & heat soak through panel work. It is made from butyl rubber with an aluminium foil layer and a self adhesive backing. The vibration and noise damping qualities make your car feel solid & create a luxury car feel; doors close with a reassuring clunk and no tinny rattles. Road noise is also reduced so cruising is a more relaxed experience.

Recommended usage: Use on interior panel work. Ideal for floor pans, bulkheads, inner wings, inside roof panels & hard tops, doors, bonnet & boot lid. A minimum coverage of 30% panel area, centrally positioned, is recommended to reduce panel vibration and noise.

Dynamat Superlite
A light weight alternative to Xtreme. With excellent noise, vibration & heat reduction characteristics but 30% lighter than Xtreme.

All Dynamat products are ideal for use in convertibles as it is non-absorbent, so leaks can be more easily dried out and moisture isn’t trapped against panel work causing mildew or rust.

Dynamat products are sold in various sheet sizes and can easily be cut and moulded to suit the shapes required for the inner panels of your car. We recommend you template your car first to ensure minimal waste.
  Description Price
Dynamat Xtreme - Speaker Pack, 2 sheets Part Number: GAC90511 Notes: Pack contains 2 sheets of 254mm x 254mm (10" x 10")
Dynamat Xtreme - Wedge Pack, 1 sheet Part Number: GAC90512 Notes: Pack contains 1 sheet of 457mm x 812mm (18" x 32")
Dynamat Xtreme - Door Pack, 4 sheets Part Number: GAC90513 Notes: Pack contains 4 sheets of 305mm x 914mm (12" x 36")
Dynamat Xtreme - Bulk Pack, 9 sheets Part Number: GAC90514 Notes: Pack contains 9 sheets of 457mm x 812mm (18" x 32")
Dynamat Xtreme - Mega Pack, 9 sheets Part Number: GAC90515 Notes: Pack contains 9 sheets of 609mm x 1219mm (24" x 48")
Dynamat Superlite - Tri Pack, 3 sheets Part Number: GAC90521 Notes: Pack contains 3 sheets of 457mm x 812mm (18" x 32")
Dynamat Superlite - Bulk Pack, 12 sheets Part Number: GAC90522 Notes: Pack contains 12 sheets of 457mm x 812mm (18" x 32")

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