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Fibreglass Body Panels - Sprite & Midget

Fibreglass Body Panels - Sprite & Midget

Jim Clark was probably the quickest Grand Prix driver of the early 1960s. Allegedly a shy person, on the rare occasions he was interviewed, everyone listened. When asked how he drove so quickly, one word was adequate, concentration. His boss, Colin Chapman, might have hoped it was something to do with his Lotus F1 cars. He is one of several people credited with saying a variation on the 'add lightness' theme. He certainly did that. The harder any vehicle is driven, the faster parts wear out. A reduction in all-up weight will slow this process. Lets start the lightening though, where it doesn't cost anything, by emptying the car of all unnecessary bric-a-brac, back onto the garage shelves. Lightweight outer body panels will give you a an appreciable saving in weight, and they don't have to be fitted in pairs or sets, merely as required. By the time the panels are fitted and painted the material cost is not significant.

Our fibreglass panels are offered as an alternative to steel panels primarily for competition use, where the weight saving can give valuable power/weight advantages and they are lighter and cheaper to replace if damaged. Our fibreglass panels are made from good quality materials and mostly finished in white gel coat.

  Description Price
Bonnet Assembly, fibereglass Part Number: TT70907 Notes: With Inner Frame Application: 
Not Sprite I
Bonnet Assembly, fibereglass, Racing Front End Part Number: TMG70801 Notes: One piece unit
Wing, front, RH, fibereglass Part Number: TT70906 Application: 
Round wheel arch
Wing, front, LH, fibereglass Part Number: TT70905 Application: 
Round wheel arch
Boot Lid Assembly, fibreglass Part Number: TT70913 Notes: With Inner Frame Application: 
Round wheel arch
Boot Lid Shell, fibereglass Part Number: TT70913A Notes: Without inner frame, race use only Application: 
Round wheel arch
Boot Lid Assembly, fibreglass Part Number: TT70914 Notes: One piece unit Application: 
Round wheel arch