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Weber & SU Carburettors/Inlet Manifolds

Weber & SU Carburettors/Inlet Manifolds

Increasing the size of carburettors on your engine can give a lot more power if the right combination is chosen. The Frogeye Sprite I was originally fitted with twin H1 SU 11/8 carburettors, which were often replaced with HS2 SU 1 1/4 carburettors from the later cars. This relatively simple conversion provides the 948cc engine with a useful power boost, use a complete installation including manifold and linkages.

For those wishing to experiment with the 948cc or 1098cc engine we supply an inlet manifold to suit a single HS4 SU 1 1/2, a single HS6 1 3/4 and one to suit Twin HS2 or HS4 carbs. Many enthusiasts prefer to use the Weber DCOE for competition applications.

We offer a range of manifolds and carburettors including one to suit 2 split twin choke carbs - for the serious racer. All our manifolds include gaskets, studs and nuts; the TWM manifold also includes a neat linkage. Weber carbs come with 35mm long ram pipes as standard. With some SU installations and, when using a Weber carburettor, the inlet manifold no longer supports the closed circuit engine breather system, we supply an alloy catch tank to divert the breathers to, this is essential for all competition cars. Carburettors need to be matched to your engine specification - please contact us for further details.

  Description Price
Carburettors, Weber, 40 DCOE (RoadFast Road) Part Number: TT29343308 Application: 948cc, 1098cc & 1275cc
Carburettors, Weber, 45 DCOE (Competition) Part Number: TT29353409 Application: 948cc, 1098cc & 1275cc
Inlet Manifold, Weber, Single 40/45, 100mm Long Part Number: TT10850
Inlet Manifold, Weber,Single 40/45, 150mm Long Part Number: TMG10850
Inlet Manifold/Linkage, Weber, Single, 40/45, 50mm Long Part Number: TWM0071
Inlet Manifold, SU Carburettor,Twin, HS2/HS4 Part Number: LP4012 Notes: Check for clearance. (3 3/4' inlet tract length)
Accelerator Cable, Universal Part Number: LP4000X
Accelerator Cable, Competition Part Number: CAHT85
Breather Hose, 1 Metre Long, 1/2' Bore Part Number: BAU5065M