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Aluminium Cylinder Heads - 1275cc

Aluminium Cylinder Heads - 1275cc

Alloy head casting with improved water jackets particularly around the exhaust ports and 12mm spark plug. By using the smaller spark plug it has been better positioned for cylinder burn. Out of the box the port gas flows as well as a well modified iron head. The valves are positioned slightly further apart giving the possibility of 38mm and 32mm valves being fitted. The standard head comes with 23cc chambers with plenty of scope of enlarging for turbo applications.The valve inserts give unleaded capability. Deck thickness gives plenty of scope for skimming (increasing C/R). When Fitting an Aluminium head, you MUST run with 100% summer coolant which contains the correct inhibitors to prevent corrosion and electrolytic reaction. If in doubt, please contact your local Moss branch. Torque Settings. Please call your local Moss branch for full specifications.

  Description Price
Cylinder Head, aluminium, new, bare Part Number: 451-875 Notes: With 33.3mm inlet and 29.4mm exhaust valves. Application: 1275cc
Head Gasket, competition Part Number: AHT188 Application: 1275cc
Head Gasket, metro turbo Part Number: GUG702560HG Application: 1275cc
Head Gasket, uprated Part Number: MST208 Application: 1275cc
Head Gasket, solid copper Part Number: 387-520 Application: 1275cc
Manifold Gasket, large bore, competition Part Number: TMG10836 Application: 1275cc
Inlet Valve 33.3mm Hi Flow Part Number: CAEG569 Application: 1275cc
Exhaust Valve 29.4mm Hi Flow Part Number: CAEG106 Application: 1275cc