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Uprated Head Studs & Engine Fasteners

Uprated Head Studs & Engine Fasteners

You should consider the strength and reliability of the critical fasteners used on your engine. Increased reliability can be obtained for mild states of tune by replacing the head nuts with the uprated version, which incorporates a flange at its base for improved contact. More seriously modified engines should utilise a head stud kit; this comes with special grade washers and nuts. The greater strength of these studs will resist stretching under pressure keeping the head and gasket securely in place. High revs greatly increase the strain on mains, big-ends and flywheel bolts; it is worth investing in your engines future here as failure can be disastrous, not to mention expensive! All our stud kits come with special nuts, we recommend that the thread lube is used prior to torqueing to ensure accurate results, yes it really is worth it! Where studs or bolts pass into water jackets we urge you to use thread sealer to avoid leaks see Workshop Tools & Fluids. We recommend fitting a strap to the centre main bearing, this is a weak spot when extending the engines power and rev range. Your local engine machinist should be able to handle this for you. Note: All the following Parts MUST be fitted in complete vehicle sets.
  Description Price
Head Nuts, Flanged, Uprated (For Standard Studs) Part Number: 51K1193B
Stud Kit, Competition Heads (For 9 Stud Head) Part Number: TMG10864
Stud Kit, Competition Heads (For 11 Stud Head) Part Number: MGS10864
Bolts, Competition Big-End (Con-Rod) Part Number: MGS10880 Application: 1275cc
Bolt Set, Flywheel to Crankshaft Part Number: MGS20823K Notes: Uprated bolt set contains 6 high tensile ARP bolts. Lock tab (12G982) is not required with these ARP stretch bolts. Application: 1275cc
Stud Set, Main Bearing Caps Part Number: TMG10881 Application: 1275cc