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1275cc Uprated Valves, Springs & Pushrods

1275cc Uprated Valves, Springs & Pushrods

Uprated valve springs will work well with all road camshafts with standard ratio rockers and are good to around 7000rpm. Competition valve springs are good with either high ratio rocker gear or race camshafts and, depending on specification, are good to 8000rpm. They must be used with our alloy caps and be shimmed to the correct fitted height. Alloy caps and 1275cc type valves and collets can be used with either set of springs, their light-weight will help minimise wear on the valve gear and cam. The selection of valve size will depend upon the torque or high revs required, this must be considered along with the camshaft and rocker gear selected. In general, larger valves are not required unless high revs are needed. Larger inlet valves with suitable port mods can improve mid-range (and upwards) power output by up to 8bhp. All these valves improve the flow to increase performance and are made in 214N stainless steel for high strength and reliability. Bronze valve guides will help reduce wear and will resist sticking on high performance engines.

  Description Price
Valve Springs-Double, fast road Part Number: TMG10807 Notes: Set of 8 Application: 1275 Models.
Valve Springs-Double, competition Part Number: TMG10808 Notes: Set of 8 Application: 1275 Models.
Valve Spring Spacers Part Number: MGS108161 Notes: Set of 8 Application: 1275 Models.
Valve Cap, alloy, each Part Number: TMG10816 Application: 1275 Models.
Valve Collets, 16 required Part Number: 88G459 Notes: Set of 8 Application: 1275 Models.
Valve Guide, bronze Part Number: TMG10819 Notes: Set of 8 Application: 1275 Models.
Valve Stem Oil Seals Part Number: ADU4905 Application: 1275 Models.
Push Rod, standard, each Part Number: AEG314 Notes: We recommend you fit as a set of 8 Application: 1275 Models.
Inlet Valve, 35.6mm, each Part Number: CAEG544 Application: 1275 Models.
Exhaust Valve, 29.4mm, each Part Number: CAEG106 Application: 1275 Models.
Exhaust Valve, 31mm, each Part Number: CAEG107 Application: 1275 Models.