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Crossflow Aluminium Cylinder Head

Crossflow Aluminium Cylinder Head

These Crossflow (in-line oil feed) aluminium cylinder heads (suitable for both MGA & MGBs) give up to 30% more flow, plus they have a much improved water flow for increased cooling.

They are machined to 37cc combustion chambers and supplied fully loaded with bronze valve guides, lead free valve seats, valves, springs and caps. They are also machined to use in-line oil feed rocker gear (not included), see below for roller rocker details.

These cylinder heads use standard exhaust port configuration and are compatible with our Sports extractor exhaust manifolds, ideal for gaining extra BHP. Inlet manifolds are available to suit either SU or Weber carburettors, see below.

We recommend that you replace cylinder head studs and use NEW hardware where possible during installation to ensure the heads are as a good a fit as possible. We also suggest you fit new, uprated, flanged cylinder head nuts ( 51K1193B). When Fitting an Aluminium head, you MUST run with 100% Anti-Freeze/Summer Coolant which contains the correct inhibitors to prevent corrosion and electrolytic reaction.

The heater valve must be replaced with the type detailed below. Please ensure the head is cleaned thoroughly prior to installation.

  Description Price
Cylinder Head, cross-flow, aluminium Part Number: 451-690
Adaptor, heater valve to cylinder head Part Number: 451-685
Heater Valve Part Number: 565755
Heater Valve Part Number: 565755Z
Cylinder Head Nut, flanged, uprated Part Number: 51K1193B Notes: aftermarket
Inlet Manifold Kit, twin weber dcoe carbs Part Number: 373-985
Weber 40 DCOE Carb, single, jetted for fast road use Part Number: TT29343308
Throttle Cable, nylon lined Part Number: CAHT85 Notes: 2 required
Throttle Linkage, dcoe, twin cable Part Number: LP42451 Notes: 80cm long
Braided Fuel Pipe Set Part Number: TT1455
Inlet Manifold Kit, twin su carbs Part Number: 373-975
SU HS6 Carburettors, pair Part Number: TT1156 Notes: Suitable for HS6 or HIF44 carburettors.
Set, rocker, roller type, hi-ratio, in-line rocker, 1.625:1 Part Number: TMG107481
Gasket, inlet manifold, each, replacement Part Number: 451-705