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Bumper & Over-Rider Sets

Bumper & Over-Rider Sets

From £21.40

If you want to give your car the Retro look, these over-riders are a must. We can supply a kit containing 4 over-riders including Fittings. This kit fits neatly to your existing bumper and requires no drilling. If you prefer the corner bars as well, then youll be wanting the complete kit, which contains a pair of pre-drilled bumpers, corner bars, over-riders and all necessary Fittings. For cars made from 1980 onwards, rear fog lamps were fitted as standard so youll need a relocation bracket (RHD only).

  Description Price
Over-Rider And Corner Bar Bumper Kit Part Number: WPA9006X Application: MkI-
Bumper, stainless steel Part Number: 14A9871 Notes: With holes for corner bars Application: MkI
Over-Rider, RH Front and LH Rear Part Number: 14A9923 Notes: With holes for corner bars Application: MkI
Over-Rider, LH Front and RH Rear Part Number: 14A9924 Notes: With holes for corner bars Application: MkI
Corner Bar, front, RH Part Number: 14A9877
Corner Bar, front, LH Part Number: 14A9878
Corner Bar, rear, RH Part Number: 14A9919
Corner Bar, rear, LH Part Number: 14A9920
Over-Rider Fitting Bracket Part Number: 14A7598
Over-Rider Fitting Bolt Part Number: SH605101
Seating Rubber Part Number: 37H9871M Notes: Sold By The Metre
Bumper To Corner Bar Distance Piece Part Number: 14A9879
Bumper To Corner Bar Bolt Part Number: GHF102
Over-Rider To Corner Bar Bolt Part Number: GHF117
Over-Rider Kit Mkii Part Number: WPA9005X
Plain Over-Riders Part Number: 14A8738 Notes: No holes for corner bars Application: MkII
Fog Lamp Relocation Bracket RHD Part Number: GAC9400X
Over-Rider Only Stainless Steel** Part Number: 14A8738SS Application: MkII