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Tubular Manifolds - Sprite & Midget 1098-1275cc

Tubular Manifolds - Sprite & Midget 1098-1275cc

A fabricated high performance exhaust manifold, this has primary pipe dimensions of 1 3/8 outer pipes and 1 1/2 inner pipe. The tailpipe is of 1 5/8 diameter. When fitting to a standard exhaust system it is necessary for the down pipe of the system to be cut to suit the new joint position. Designed specifically for Sprites and Midgets, this one piece manifold is the same as the original Leyland competition unit..

Please Note: Fitting Manifolds. When fitting tubular manifolds, check that the flange thickness is the same as the inlet manifold before fitting and adjust as required.

  Description Price
Tubular Manifold, Mild Steel Part Number: GAC7018 Application: 1098-1275cc
Tubular Manifold, Stainless Steel Part Number: TMG10862 Application: 1098-1275cc
Tubular Manifold, Big Bore Mild Steel Part Number: GAC7018RACE Application: 1098-1275cc
Clamp, 1.625' Stainless Steel Part Number: TT9931S Notes: Manifold to exhaust Application: 1098-1275cc
Clamp, 1.75' Stainless Steel Part Number: TT9932S Notes: Manifold to exhaust Application: 1098-1275cc
Gasket, Competition Type Part Number: TMG10836 Notes: Manifold to head Application: 1098-1275cc