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Dynolite Europe's Classic Motor Oil


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By Beth Judd
January 18, 2017

If you have never heard of Dynolite it’s about time you did!


Moss have been proud stockists of Dynolite for some years now. It offers the best range of oils and lubricants flawlessly crafted for Veteran, Vintage and Classic cars & motorbikes. These oils are blended to exceed the original vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. If your classic motor looks the part but struggles on the road, then give Dynolite a try. Using a product designed specifically for classic cars can help improve the longevity of your car compared to using modern lubricants. Modern lubricants can have an adverse effect on older engine components due to the different metals and seal technologies used in classic car engines, gearbox & axles compared to modern production cars.


Dynolite is formulated from high quality components and are only combined with additives selected for their compatibility with metals and components used in older vehicles. This included suitable levels of ZDDP, reduced from modern oil blends as it can contaminate catalytic converters. (Most modern oils do not cater for these older technologies).


Dynolite prioritise creating an extensive range of specific lubricants for engines, gearboxes, steering boxes, as well as greases. In terms of mechanical protection, Dynolite lubricants are far superior to those usually found on the market for the simple reason that they have been specially developed for your historic vehicle. Therefore, you benefit from increased protection, higher oil pressure combined with a lower degree of acid attack and corrosion, reducing gum and sludge formation.


Take a look at the wide selection of Dynolite products, choose from Engine Oils, Gear Oils & General Lubricants



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