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Meister ClubRace Coilovers - MX-5

Meister ClubRace Coilovers - MX-5

From £869.00

MeisterR coilovers are one of the biggest names in aftermarket coilovers for the MX-5, combining build quality, good looks, and excellent performance, all at a sensible price.

The ClubRace coilovers are designed to maximise performance with high grip track day tyres and as such, use a stiffer spring and higher damping rates than the ZetaCRD, but still perform very well on the road without being too harsh.

Featuring 32 way damping adjustment (compression and rebound combined), progressive damping with CRD (Close Ratio Damping) technology, and independent pre-load and ride height adjustment.

Spring rates:
Mk1-2.5: F: 12.5kg/mm, R: 7kg/mm.
Mk3: F: 10kg/mm, R: 6kg/mm.
Mk4: F: 10kg/mm, R: 6kg/mm.


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