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Handbrake Rod & Knobs

Handbrake Rod & Knobs

Is your thumb sore from the constant use of a handbrake with a faulty knob? Now, after a long period of unavailability, we can supply the handbrake rod and knob which are replacements for the original part. The rod will no longer poke through a perished rubber knob sticking into your thumb every time you use the handbrake. This remanufactured version includes a washer welded below the knob to spread the load and prevent the rod poking through the knob, preventing damaged knobs.
  Description Price Qty  
Handbrake Rod Knob, straight, non fly-off Part Number: 132588 Application: Spitfire GT6, Herald, 2000, 2.5, Stag, 1300, Dolomite, Sprint Vitesse
Handbrake Rod Knob, kinked, fly-off Part Number: 134001 Application: Spitfire GT6
Handbrake Rod Knob, straight, fly-off Part Number: 141688 Application: TR4A
Handbrake Rod Knob, kinked, non fly-off Part Number: 148082 Application: TR250, TR5, TR6