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Evans Prep Fluid, 5 litre

Evans Prep Fluid, 5 litre


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Protect your investment and provide life time cooling!

Evans Waterless Engine Coolant is a truly unique and revolutionary engine coolant fluid formulated to improve efficiency and reduce corrosion of your car's cooling system. It neither contains water nor requires mixing with water, consequently overcoming the limitations associates with using water in engine cooling systems, such as boiling and corrosion. We offer the full range of coolants to suit Vintage, Classic & modern car cooling systems.

Treatment with Prep Fluid is required to ensure the cooling system is thoroughly cleaned and traces of water removed, Prep Fluid is not required when filling a new, dry, clean cooling system. It is not necessary to use the full cooling system capacity for Prep Fluid treatment; it will work with a minimum of 75% cooling system capacity. Prep Fluid can be re-used up to 3 times providing it is stored in a sealed container. Please follow the manufacturer's guidelines when using this product.

Please Note: Evans Waterless Engine Coolants will not overcome faults in the cooling system. Please ensure your car's cooling system is in good condition, free of leaks and operating correctly. It is compatible with all electric cooling fans. Evans Waterless Coolant can be reused if drained into a clean container. Please follow the manufacturer's guidelines when using this product.

Part Number: GEC9135

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