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Eastwood Soda & Media Blasting

Eastwood Soda & Media Blasting

Soda blasting is the perfect way to remove old paint from classic car bodywork. A common problem with abrasive blasting on metal body panels is distortion from the heat and pressure, removing paint layers with soda leaves the substrate clean and localised spot abrasive blasting can be done to remove remaining rust, reducing the chance of distortion.

Soda blasting can be used to remove paint without harming sheet metal, fibreglass, glass, or chrome, it also leaves a thin film soda over the panel which prevents initial rusting, recoating is recommended as soon as possible, treat with Fast Etch (Part No: 012-227). Also suitable for numerous cleaning tasks including marine anti-foul, mould, graffiti and grease removal from a variety of surfaces such as concrete & glass.

Normal commercial soda blasters use high air volume, but Eastwood has developed two systems to allow the home and light commercial user to soda & abrasive blast with ease. Both units are manufactured from all steel welded top-loading, large capacity (100lb/45kg) hoppers with pressure gauge and safety valve, all mounted to a sturdy frame. The soda/media is delivered through an 8” (2.4M) blast hose with a deadman valve for safety, and the units require as little as 7cfm at 80 psi, making them ideal for use with smaller compressors.

Eastwood soda blaster
This single tank unit can be converted for use with either soda or abrasive media blasting using included parts. This is a great entry level blasting systems.

Eastwood soda & abrasive blaster
The twin tank system provides the best of both worlds. You can select or combine media to best suit the job. Eastwood’s unique mixing valve system allows you to switch/mix ‘on the fly’ giving an infinite ratio between soda and abrasive media. It simply blasts through paint, heavy scale rust & multiple coatings simply and without fuss. This blasting system is a must for the home restorer! Do not exceed 80 grit (medium) abrasive media size.

  Description Price
Soda Blaster, single tank Part Number: 012-200

Regular Price: £213.40

Special Price £202.73

Soda & Media Blaster, twin tank Part Number: 012-201

Regular Price: £397.50

Special Price £377.63

Media sieve Part Number: 012-209

Regular Price: £16.20

Special Price £14.58

Nozzles - 2mm, Replacement Part Number: 012-207 Notes: 3 piece pack

Regular Price: £21.00

Special Price £17.86

Replacement deadman block Part Number: 012-250 Notes: 3 piece pack

Regular Price: £14.00

Special Price £13.31

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