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Complete Head Gasket Rebuild Kits - MX-5

Complete Head Gasket Rebuild Kits - MX-5

When it comes to changing the cylinder head gasket, ordering on part number and getting every gasket you need at once makes things so much simpler. Built entirely from genuine Mazda gaskets to ensure the best possible job, these kits contain pretty much everything you'll need.
Kits include:
Genuine Mazda head gasket.
Genuine Mazda valve stem seals.
Genuine Mazda exhaust manifold gasket.
Genuine Mazda inlet manifold gasket.
Genuine Mazda front cam seals.
Genine Mazda CAS O-ring (Mk1 only).
Genuine Mazda Thermostat gaskets.
Genuine Mazda thermostat.
Genuine Mazda cam cover gasket.
Genuine Mazda VVT solenoid gasket (Mk2.5 1.8l only).
NGK BKR6E-11 spark plugs.


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