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Brake Pad Set, ceramic, Classic Gold


In Stock

Classic Gold® products are developed to make your automotive repair and restoration possible. Each part is engineered to be as close to the original look, fit, finish and functionality of your original equipment (OE) parts, at an affordable price.

These parts are designed to directly replace some of those hard to find OE or renowned aftermarket brand parts that are either no longer available or now inadequate in terms of fit and quality.

These Classic Gold Ceramic brake pads are a superior quality alternative to our standard brake pads.

The metallic content of the standard pad may cause squeal and dust under light loads. Ceramic pads are as soft as the original organic pads, but handle heat efficiently with minimal fading. This results in a lighter pedal and improved bite, less dust and reduced tendency to squeal under light use.

Ceramic brake pads from Classic Gold are a premium modern replacement for original specification brake pads and are ideal for general road use.

  • Withstands high braking temps
  • Less fade
  • Quicker recovery
  • Ultra quiet braking
  • Nearly dust free – ideal for wire & alloy wheels
  • Anti-squeal compound bonded to pad backing

Fits: TR6

Part Number: GBP216CM

  • Application
  • specification
    • Year 72 - 76
      Material Ceramic
      Model TR6
      Moss USA Part Number 585-532
      Included Quantity Set
      Size 3/16" (4mm) Pins
      Style Classic Gold Ceramic
      Condition New