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Alternator Conversion - TR2-4A

Alternator Conversion - TR2-4A

There are three problems associated with dynamos. Firstly: They barely put out any charge below about 2,000rpm. Secondly: If you try to run them faster they tend to disintegrate. Thirdly: Even when running at a significant speed they don’t put out much charge. The solution is to fit an alternator which will supply sufficient power to run all your cars electrical systems and any accessories you may have added over the years.

  Description Price
Alternator Conversion Kit Part Number: TTK3020

Regular Price: £47.65

Special Price £40.50

Wiring Harness, alternator Part Number: TTK3020LA Application: 
TR2-4 (to CT14913)

Regular Price: £35.00

Special Price £31.50

Wiring Harness, alternator Part Number: TTK3020LB Application: 
TR4-4A (CT14914 on)

Regular Price: £35.00

Special Price £31.50

Alternator, 18ACR/45amp Part Number: GEU2206M

Regular Price: £101.60

Special Price £81.29

Fan, alternator, 18ACR Part Number: AAU3956A

Regular Price: £12.30

Special Price £10.45

Pulley, alternator, 2.75", aluminium Part Number: 147530A

Regular Price: £44.70

Special Price £40.24

Pedestal, dynamo, modified, alternator conversion Part Number: 059015Q1

Regular Price: £12.90

Special Price £10.97