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Crown Wheel & Pinion - MGB

There are two axle designs used on MGB's; the components not being interchangeable, the customer must be sure of the type on his or her vehicle. Banjo axles are fitted on roadsters up to GHN3 132923 (wire wheels), 132916 (disc wheels). Tube axles are fitted to all GT's, plus roadsters after the chassis no. change points mentioned.

The 3.9 ratio was standard fitment on the four cylinder MGB's, while the 3.07 ratio was used on MGC and V8 models. For a road going car the 3.3 ratio can be used to give a good long distance cruising ratio particularly useful for motorway work.

Our crown wheel & pinion set (Part No: BTB900A) is designed for V8 conversions, giving the correct 3.07:1 ratio for V8s but in the standard MGB tube axle case.

  Description Price Qty  
Crown Wheel & Pinion, Banjo Axle Part Number: 88G284 Notes: Ratio 4.55:1 Application: MGB
Crown Wheel & Pinion, Banjo Axle Part Number: 88G283 Notes: Ratio 4.30:1 Application: MGB
Crown Wheel & Pinion, Banjo Axle Part Number: BTB653 Notes: Ratio 3.907:1 Application: MGB
Crown Wheel & Pinion, Banjo Axle Part Number: 267-166 Notes: Ratio 3.70:1 Application: MGB
Crown Wheel & Pinion, Salisbury (Tube) Axle Part Number: BTB856 Notes: Ratio 3.907:1 Application: MGB