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NGK Plug Caps & Ignition Lead Terminals

NGK Plug Caps & Ignition Lead Terminals

Waterproof NGK plug caps in a choice of three different angles to suit various applications and a HT terminal kit to fit push-in coils and distributor caps.

These high quality NGK spark plug caps feature a built-in resistor and are designed to be impervious to heat, dust & vibrations. Suitable for use with our copper cored HT lead.
  Description Price Qty  
Plug Cap, NGK, straight, black, each Part Number: NSB5BLK
Plug Cap, NGK, 60 degree, black, each Part Number: NYB5BLK
Plug Cap, NGK, 90 degree, black, each Part Number: NLB5BLK
Plug Cap, NGK, straight, red, each Part Number: NSB5
Plug Cap, NGK, 60 degree, red, each Part Number: NYB5
Plug Cap, NGK, 90 degree, red, each Part Number: NLB5
Ignition Lead End Kit (Each) Part Number: GCL1110