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CSI-PRO-Ignition Distributors - Minor

CSI-PRO-Ignition distributors offer a fully electronic ignition system built into the correct type of Lucas distributor housing to suit your car, keeping the original appearance in the engine bay. You can only tell the difference when you remove the distributor cap!

Gone are the points and condenser and mechanical advance mechanism, all replaced with a high quality electronic ignition system manufactured using military specification components for durability and reliability. These distributors are maintenance free (no points to adjust), and offer the benefits of, easier starting & smoother running, more torque & power, reduced fuel consumption & emissions. They also eliminate the weaknesses of mechanical timing advance and problems such as points bounce ensuring correct ignition timing throughout the rev range.

The CSI-PRO-Ignition is a programmable distributor for your British classic car, allowing you to adjust and program the advance curves yourself. Two selectable pre-sets (modes) can be programmed, each with its own RPM and vacuum curve. Plus, various other settings such as speed limiter, maximum total advance and minimum RPM speed for activating the vacuum advance.

Edit and Write curves, even while the engine is running! The CSI-PRO-Ignition has the unique possibility to write the curves and other settings to the distributor, even while the engine is running, and to have the changes take effect immediately! The static setting (offset of 0 degrees) can also be shifted in steps of 1 degree, up to 10 degrees positive and up to 10 degrees negative, without having to rotate the distributor itself. An acceleration timer measures the time between 2 pre-set speeds to measure and compare the engine's performance. An external switch can be used for switching between the 2 modes.

Key features

  • Edit and write curves even while the engine is running.
  • Two pre-set modes for curves and settings.
  • More unique programming options.
  • Connectable with a USB module for Windows and/or with a Bluetooth module for Android and iOS.
  • Smiths style Dashboard; real life data.
  • Lucas style; 23D, 25D, 43D, 45D, 59D, 35D8.

The CSI-PRO can be linked with either the USB module or a Bluetooth module allowing the distributor to be programmed with a Windows laptop or an Android / iOS smartphone. Free software is provided for Window, Android and iOS.

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