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Weber DCOE Throttle Linkages - Mangoletsi

Weber DCOE Throttle Linkages - Mangoletsi

From £5.76

Mangoletsi is a long established name in the performance tuning industry, and a leading manufacturer of competition inlet manifolds & throttle linkages. We now offer Mangoletsi’s new range of DCOE ‘sliding set-up’ throttle linkages.

This new simple design features a cast bracket which fits over the top of the carburettor, holding the linkage neatly to the side of the carburettor. This unique design has an ultra-low profile - the highest point of the linkage is only 10mm higher than the carburettor, ideal if clearance is limited. Each kit is suitable for single or twin carburettor set-ups for in-line engines.

The unique design also gives a wide range of throttle adjustment. Cable travel and spring tension can be adjusted independently. The adjuster can be set to give the desired cable travel, the spring tension can then be set to give the correct throttle shut off. This allows the throttle feel to be fine tuned to the driver’s requirements.

  Description Price
Throttle Linkage, dcoe, twin cable Part Number: LP42451 Notes: Supplied with twin cables
Throttle Linkage, dcoe, single cable Part Number: LP42411 Notes: Uses existing/standard throttle cable

Regular Price: £119.10

Special Price £113.15

Quadrant Linkage Kit, single cable for weber dcoe Part Number: TT1452
Quadrant Linkage Kit, single cable/twin for dellorto Part Number: LP4301
Quadrant Linkage Kit, twin cable/twin for dellorto Part Number: LP4303
Accelerator Cable, universal type Part Number: LP4000X
Accelerator Cable, competition type Part Number: CAHT85

Regular Price: £6.40

Special Price £5.76

Pedal Adaptor, fit cable to rod linkage pedals Part Number: TT9918

Regular Price: £56.00

Special Price £50.40

Bracket Throttle Cable, to twm0089 Part Number: TT9915