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Drill Nibbler

Drill Nibbler

From £5.70

This nibbler cuts sheet metal without distortion to the panel. Fitted to an electric or air drill it can be used to cut straight or curved shapes even from the centre of a panel, ideal for cutting holes for sunroofs or letting in bonnet louvers. The nibbling action removes 3.5mm (1/8”) chips to leave burr free edges. Cuts a maximum of 2mm (14swg) aluminium, 1.5mm (16swg) mild steel, 1mm (20swg) stainless steel.
  Description Price
Drill Nibbler Part Number: FROSTG190 Notes: For use with electric or air drill
Drill Nibbler, Replacement Blade Part Number: FROSTG191 Notes: For use with FROSTG190
Drill Nibbler, Replacement Die Part Number: FROSTG192 Notes: For use with FROSTG190