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Telescopic Conversion Bracket Kits

Telescopic Conversion Bracket Kits - TR2-4A

From £100.00

If your car has lever arm dampers fitted you will need to use this bracket kit to enable the fitment of telescopic shock absorbers.

For TR4A IRS models there is a choice depending on how you use the car and how you prefer the brackets to mount. These bracket kits fit at the same height as the rear tyre, check that there is adequate clearance through full suspension travel. If there is excessive negative camber present this may need to be reset.

TR2-4A (Live Axle)
This kit gives improved action as well as locating the axle better. The top bracket is bolted to the shock absorber mounting and the axle bracket is bolted and welded to the axle.

TR4A (IRS) Type 1
This is the simplest kit, the top brackets bolt to the inner wheel arch, requiring holes to be drilled. Road use only.

TR4A (IRS) Type 2
These one piece easy fit brackets bolt to the lever arm mounting and fit around the outside of the inner wheel arch. They have an additional mounting point that locates directly to the wheel arch, which will need drilling.

TR4A (IRS) Type 2A TUV Approved
These are similar to the type 2 brackets but are of a heavier and stronger construction. They also benefit from an additional mounting utilising the rebound buffer bracket, keeping all the mounting points on the chassis. No drilling required. Bolts required separately.

TR4A (IRS) Type 3
This bracket set consists of six stepped brackets that mount up through the bodywork and out through the inner wheel arch. These take a little longer to install but have the added advantage of strengthening and stiffening the rear body. Kit comes complete with fittings and instructions.

  Description Price
Bracket Conversion Kit, telescopic, rear Part Number: TT31181 Application: TR2-4 (Live Axle)
Bracket Conversion Kit, telescopic, rear, Type 1, wheel arch mounting Part Number: TT3218 Application: TR4A (IRS)
Bracket Conversion Kit, telescopic, rear, Type 2, chassis mounting Part Number: TT3225X Application: TR4A (IRS)
Bracket Conversion Kit, telescopic, rear, Type 2A, chassis mounting, TUV approved Part Number: TT3225TUV Application: TR4A (IRS)
Bracket Conversion Kit, telescopic, rear, Type 3, chassis/body mounting Part Number: TT3225 Application: TR4A (IRS)

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