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Supercharger Kits - Sprite & Midget

The new Sprite/Midget supercharger system uses the same Eaton positive displacement roots-type supercharger found on contemporary OE applications such as Mercedes Benz and Jaguar. In spite of its modern origin, Moss was careful to design the system to look like it was a factory-installed option that complements the classic Sprite/Midget image. The supercharger features helical rotors and an internal vacuum controlled bypass valve for high efficiency and economic cruising.

Moss engineers designed an intake manifold that provides equal airflow, pressure and fuel mixture to each cylinder. By optimizing the distribution in the manifold for each cylinder, you can run more boost pressure without the chance of harmful detonation. The Moss supercharger system produces 5-6 PSI of boost at sea level. On our otherwise stock test car, that almost doubled the rear wheel horsepower. Bolted on to a stock engine you may expect a HP increase of 40% at the flywheel.

The Supercharger kit is very complete and includes a 4-rib serpentine belt drive system with automatic tensioner, new HS6 carburettor and a high-flow K&N air filter.

The kit will install on any 1275cc Sprite/Midget in-line engine (sorry Classic Mini Owners) and will fit with either a generator or alternator. We do recommend upgrading to an alternator as the generator bearings will wear quickly with the increased belt loading. We offer an alternator conversion kit that will fit any of the A-Series engines (no provision for Bugeye mechanical tacho).

  Description Price
Supercharger Kit Part Number: 150-080 Application: 
Idler Plate Spacer Part Number: 052-093
Drive Belt Part Number: 052-234
Alternator Conversion Part Number: 130-108 Notes: Designed for use with Supercharger system
(Part No. MGS10870)
Accelerator Cable Part Number: MGS10871
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