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Securon Seat Belts - Morris Minor

Securon Seat Belts - Morris Minor


Regular Price: £21.30

Special Price £17.04

We offer a wide range of replacement seatbelts and harnesses from Securon suitable for use in classic cars. Securon is Britain’s leading manufacturer of seat belts and safety restraints, with all products made in the UK and designed to comply with EC and international standards.

Like tyres and brakes, seat belts are subject to everyday wear and tear – in fact around half a million cars fail the M.O.T. each year on seat belts. Even fluffing or fraying can weaken them to such an extent that they may well be useless - so, as it says in your car’s owner manual, it is important to replace belts showing signs of wear.

Each seat belt kit is fully assembled and requires installation in the car. Kits are supplied individually and include suitable hardware to fit to original mounting points. Additional fittings and strengthening plates are also available if required. 


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