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Engine Gaskets

Engine Gaskets

To reduce the risk of head gasket failure on high compression performance engines it is wise to fit one of these up rated copper faced head gaskets. The manifold gasket is to be used when the exhaust and inlet ports have been modified on 1275cc cylinder heads.
  Description Price
Head Gasket, copper asbestos competition Part Number: AHT188 Application: 1275cc
Uprated Head Gasket Part Number: MST207 Application: 948-1098cc
Uprated Head Gasket Part Number: MST208 Application: 1275cc
Head Gasket, metro turbo Part Number: GUG702560HG Application: 1275cc
Competition Manifold Gasket Large Ports Part Number: TMG10836 Application: 1275cc
Solid Copper Head Gasket Part Number: 387-520 Application: 1275cc
Group A Metro Turbo Competition Head Gasket Part Number: CSTR1057 Application: 1275cc