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1500 Uprated Rocker Gear & Cam Followers

1500 Uprated Rocker Gear & Cam Followers

All cars can benefit from a replacement tuftrided rocker shaft, they will resist wear and breakage especially when using high revs. Note; the Tuftrided hardened shaft must be thoroughly purged of the salts used in the hardening process, before it is fitted. Before fitting any rocker shaft it is essential to make sure that the end plugs are in position. The friction and the rocker side loads normally associated with the standard rocker gear can be reduced and the location made more positive, by fitting the three piece steel spacer set instead of the standard shaft springs. Pedestal Shims are for use with standard rockers in conjunction with a higher compression cylinder head, enabling the correct rocker angles to be obtained. They have a nominal thickness of 0.040 and are supplied individually. Roller Rockers are designed to operate the valves with less resistance and more efficiency. The power increase with the use of these rockers is approximately an extra 10 bhp; the power band can also be extended. It is preferable to maintain 108° to 110° peak to peak centres on cam profiles if these rockers are fitted. The steel rockers are made with needle roller inserts and have solid spacers ready fitted; The end roller tips are made in high quality steel for long life. The Roller rockers are also designed to give a higher lift ratio, 1.65:1 against the standard ratio of 1.5:1. The design is also specially strengthened against deflection at any time in the operating sequence. TT1408 valve springs must be used with this rocker assembly.
  Description Price
Tuftrided Rocker Shaft Part Number: TT1317 Application: 1500 Models.
Steel Spacer Set Part Number: TT1318 Application: 1500 Models.
Pedestal Shims Part Number: TT1910 Application: 1500 Models.
1.65:1 Roller Rocker Set Part Number: TT1446 Application: 1500 Models.
Valve Springs-Double, Large Diameter, Set of 8 Part Number: TT1408 Application: 1500 Models.
Rocker Oil Feed Kit Part Number: TT1226 Notes: This rocker oil feed kit must be used when fitting Roller Rockers. Application: 1500 Models.
Lightened & Tuftrided Cam Follower Part Number: TT1209 Notes: Cam followers are supplied individually, 8 required. Application: 1500 Models.
Kent Camshaft Lubricant 250ml Part Number: KEN2 Application: 1500 Models.
Cam Timing Degree Disc Part Number: TT2929 Application: 1500 Models.