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Rocker Shafts & Fittings - Uprated

Rocker Shafts & Fittings - Uprated

All cars will benefit from a tuftrided rocker shaft, particularly tuned cars using higher revs. They are stronger, so will resist wear and prove more reliable. Tuftrided rocker shafts must be thoroughly cleaned of the salts used during the hardening process. As with all rocker shafts check the end plugs are in place before Fitting.

The friction and side loads on the rockers can be reduced and the location improved by using a steel spacer set instead of the rocker shaft springs.

  Description Price
Shaft, rocker, tuftrided Part Number: TMG10717
Set, spacer, rocker shaft, steel Part Number: TMG10718
Rocker Arm, standard ratio Part Number: 12H3377
Bush, rocker Part Number: 1G2295 Notes: Require Machining Application: Standard ratio
Pedestals, outer, uprated, in-line oil feed Part Number: MGS10742 Notes: Type A head