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Pistons & Rings - MGB

Pistons & Rings - MGB

These flat top piston liners are specifically for MGB 1950cc performance engines. A good quality forged piston is lighter and stronger than a cast piston, which means higher compression ratios and revs are achievable with increased reliability enabling you to get the maximum power advantage for your car.

Liners should be used with all 1950cc pistons to ensure adequate cylinder wall thickness. The liners will require machining to size after they have been fitted to the engine block.

  Description Price
Forged Piston & Ring Set, Flat Top (Set of 4) Part Number: TMG107822

Regular Price: £1,101.60

Special Price £991.44

Cast Piston & Ring Set, Flat Top, +0.40" (Set of 4) Part Number: TMG107823 Notes: The bore size for these pistons needs to be 3.290". This can be achieved by over-boring a standard MGB block, but this will leave the cylinder walls very thin. It is advisable to also purchase an engine set of our piston liners (Part No: TMG107824) with these pistons. This will provide an acceptable wall thickness.

Regular Price: £572.86

Special Price £544.21

Piston Liners 1950cc (Each) Part Number: TMG107824

Regular Price: £31.80

Special Price £28.62