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Camshafts (Performance) - MGB V8

Road High Torque Profile - This cam may be fitted to early or late V8's to give a very wide power band with good all round performance. It can be used with either SU or Holley carburettors. and a standard compression ratio. The profile works well in all applications (automatic cars included), but must be used with uprated valve springs (TT1807) and followers. Spring shims may also be needed. The spring fitted length should be 1.592".

Fast Road Profile - A fast road and rally profile best used with a 390cfm Holley carburettor. This is best set up with C.R. of up to 10;1 and must be used with uprated springs and followers. It is not recommended for automatics. The spring fitted length is 1.592".

Sprint Profile - A sprint profile for fully modified engines, it will pull well over 2500rpm and will idle at about 900 rpm. The top end power peaks at 5500, but the unit can rev to 7000rpm. The spring fitted length is 1.592".

It is essential that the new cam is fitted with new followers as they mate with the lobe that they run on and should never be used on another lobe. Another essential is the special lubricant that must be used with all new cams, it provides vital lubrication during initial starting and protects your cam from extreme wear in its first minute of use. Dont forget the cam timing degree disc (TT2929), you will need this to set your cam timing, or, camshaft assembly lubricant. All the camshaft profiles here are Hydraulic versions - suitable for all road cars.

We can also supply the competition (manually adjusted types) to special order. All our camshafts must be fitted with uprated cam followers & valve springs. Please contact your local Moss branch for latest availability, or check our latest Price Guide.

  Description Price
Camshaft, mild road Part Number: KCR200 Notes: Power Range 1000-4500 Application: MGB-GT V8
Camshaft, road, high torque Part Number: KCR214 Notes: Power Range 1500-5000 Application: MGB-GT V8
Camshaft, fast road Part Number: KCR224 Notes: Power Range 2000-5500 Application: MGB-GT V8
Camshaft, sprint Part Number: KCR234 Notes: Power Range 2500-6000 Application: MGB-GT V8
Camshaft, fast road Part Number: VHR285 Notes: Power Range 2000-6500 Application: MGB-GT V8