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Penrite Fully Synthetic Pro Gear Oil, 75W/90, 1l

Penrite Fully Synthetic Pro Gear Oil, 75W/90, 1l


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Pro Gear 75W/90 oil is a premium, fully synthetic, SAE 75W/90, heavy duty gear oil that uses a special combination of synthetic base oils which include PAO and Ester, with an advanced additive system to provide ultimate performance and protection under all operating conditions.


Pro Gear 75W-90 is designed for use in Manual gearboxes, Transaxles and differentials of competition vehicles, passenger cars, 4WDs, light & heavy duty commercials, trucks, buses, agricultural and earthmoving equipment.

Pro Gear 75W-90 can be used in applications requiring a SAE 80W-90 or SAE 90 gear oil or where a synthetic oil of this viscosity is required especially where consistent high temperature operations and/or extreme loads are encountered.

Pro Gear 75W-90 is already dosed with the correct amount of friction additive for use in Limited Slip differentials, no extra additive is required, nor should it be added as seal degradation may result.

Pro Gear 75W-90 can be used as a replacement for a mineral gear oil, of a similar viscosity, operating in severe applications, such as high temperatures and Shock loads that may lead to a mineral oil breaking down prematurely. Its resistance to high temperature degradation and oxidation allows it to provide longer oil drain intervals while providing maximum wear protection.


  • Cars & 4WD - Manual Gearbox/Transmission

  • Cars & 4WD - Limited Slip Differential

  • Cars & 4WD - Hypoid Differential

  • Cars & 4WD - Transfer case

  • Cars & 4WD - Transaxles

  • Truck, Tractor & Earthmoving - Manual Gearbox/Transmission

  • Truck, Tractor & Earthmoving - Transfer case

  • Classic - Manual Gearbox/Transmission

  • Classic - Limited Slip Differential

  • Classic - Hypoid Differential

  • Classic - Transfer case

  • Motorcycle - Limited Slip Differential

  • Motorcycle - Hypoid Differential

  • Motorcycle - Transfer case

Part Number: GGL922310

  • specification
    • Included Quantity Single
      Size 1l
      Brand Penrite
      Condition New