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CSI Ignition Distributors - XJ6

From £334.00

CSI-Ignition distributors offer a fully electronic ignition system built into the correct type of Lucas distributor housing to suit your car, keeping the original appearance in the engine bay. You can only tell the difference when you remove the distributor cap!

Gone are the points and condenser and mechanical advance mechanism, all replaced with a high quality electronic ignition system manufactured using military specification components for durability and reliability. These distributors are maintenance free (no points to adjust), and offer the benefits of, easier starting & smoother running, more torque & power, reduced fuel consumption & emissions. They also eliminate the weaknesses of mechanical timing advance and problems such as points bounce ensuring correct ignition timing throughout the rev range.

Each CSI-Ignition distributor features 16 easily switchable, optimised ignition curves to allow timing adjustment to suit your car’s engine and fuel specifications. Alternative advance curves can be selected to suit your engine’s state of tune making them ideal for modified engines. Curves are easily selected using a screwdriver in a rotary switch, with a bright flashing LED indicator to show the selected curve all concealed underneath the distributor cap. As the CSI-Ignition distributor uses the correct type of distributor body for the application it is a direct swap. Full instructions and ignition curve selection guidance is included.

We offer a wide range of CSI-Ignition distributors for a variety of applications.

Suitable for standard and lightly tuned engines with vacuum advance (push-on type only). Suitable for cars running on SU carburettors.

Suitable for engines without vacuum advance. Suitable for the more tuned engines using Weber carburettors. With this implementation, you can often achieve better torque and power results, because by the absence of the vacuum advance unit, it is less likely to suffer from detonation under partial load.

Some CSI's offer an immobilizer in combination with the electronic ignition. This immobilizer is easy to install and will prevent your car from being started. You can  invisibly install the immobilizer receiver under the dashboard. It works with a sensor hidden in a luxury leather key hanger with a unique code (no battery needed). As soon as the key hanger is near the receiver, your CSI wil be activated and you can start your car. Without the key hanger the ignition won’t work and your car won’t start.

Please Note: You must use the conventional (non transformer) type coil with a minimum resistance of 2.5 Ohms, such as our sports coil TT2981 (3.0 Ohms), Bypass the ballast resistor if fitted. The use of a transistor type coil will damage the CSI distributor and invalidate any warranty.


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