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PROtecht Corrosion Protection

PROtecht Corrosion Protection

Introducing our range of new PROtecht products, offering surface coatings and superior corrosion protection for your classics and materials.

PROtecht-1 is a transparent surface coating providing excellent corrosion protection. It is VOC free and uses nano-technology solutions to give long lasting surface protection. PROtecht-1 gives a dry transparent finish and exceptional supplementary surface corrosion protection. Ideal for use on polished and chrome components, electrical fittings and engine bay applications. Because the chrome retains its shine, it is perfect for use on bumpers, overrides, alloy rocker covers etc to give everyday corrosion protection.

PROtecht-2 is the next generation surface coating and offers superior corrosion protection. It is suitable as supplementary corrosion protection for extended storage periods and to protect items used in inclement environs. PROtecht-2 is a penetrating wax based surface coating and anti-rust agent, which offers a dry, flexible film finish (easily removed with PROclean-Gold). Use PROtecht-2 for all your electrical connectors and relays, bumpers, grilles, brightwork etc to help stop corrosion problems especially whilst storing your classic.

PROtecht Key features:
Moisture repellent Salt & acid resistant
For use on all metals including chrome and anodised aluminium
Excellent adhesion to polished surfaces
Can be applied to rubber and plastics (no overspray issues with wood and glass)

PROclean-Gold is a 100% natural, plant based degreasant and cleaner. PROclean-Gold is easy to use, non irritant, VOC free and 100% solvent free. Ideal for use on metals, glass, leather, wood veneers and fabrics (check colour fastness in non visible area before use). Effectively removes dirt, grime and grease to create a clean grease free surface. It is also an exceptional degreasant for preparation of paintable surfaces.

  Description Price
PROtecht-1, Corrosion Protection, 500ml Aerosol Part Number: MQC721101 Application: Suitable for everyday use

Regular Price: £18.90

Special Price £16.07

PROtecht-2, Corrosion Protection, 500ml Aerosol Part Number: MQC721102 Application: Suitable for long term storage

Regular Price: £18.90

Special Price £16.07

PROclean-Gold, Degreasant, 500ml Aerosol Part Number: MQC721103

Regular Price: £13.40

Special Price £11.39