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Lumenition Performance Ignition - Mini

Lumenition Performance Ignition - Mini

From £37.24

Lumenition electronic ignition kits are well known as being among the finest after-market electronic ignition systems available. This system basically replaces both the contact points and condenser with an optical switch and power module. The power module is an electronic device that receives a pulse from the optical trigger which switches the coil. The trigger eliminates contact bounce, arcing, mechanical wear and spark scatter, reducing maintenance and increasing reliability. With minimal wiring and modifications this kit is very discreet. Note; Installation of a power module requires a distributor fitting kit. A performance ignition kit is available, it includes a power module and a high output coil. The Microcircuit control of the coil current gives optimum performance across high engine speed ensuring maximum spark energy at the coil. A fitting kit, to suit the distributor application, is also required. Positive earth wiring instructions are available from your branch.

Please check your distributor type before ordering the fitting kit as many cars have non-original distributors fitted. The identification number is cast on the distributor body.

  Description Price
Performance ignition kit Part Number: CEK150

Regular Price: £286.50

Special Price £243.53

Power Module Part Number: PMA50

Regular Price: £216.00

Special Price £183.60

Fitting Kit For 23/25D4 Distributor Part Number: LFK116

Regular Price: £19.90

Special Price £16.91

Fitting Kit For 43/45D4 Distributor Part Number: LFK117

Regular Price: £19.90

Special Price £16.91

Fitting Kit For 45DE4 Electronic Distributor Part Number: LFK109

Regular Price: £19.90

Special Price £16.91

Mounting bracket for CEK150 Part Number: MK006

Regular Price: £15.10

Special Price £12.83

Fitting Kit For59/62DM4 (metro) Part Number: LFK121
Fitting Kit For Ducellier Distributor Part Number: LFK805
Performance ignition coil MegaSpark 4 Part Number: LMS4

Regular Price: £43.80

Special Price £37.24