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Roller Rockers

Roller Rockers

From £8.90

Roller rocker conversions offer the benefits of low friction operation coupled with good rigidity and more accurate valve operation, which combine to release several more bhp. The standard rocker ratio is 1.5:1. Increasing this to 1.65:1 will give increased valve lift, which combined with a couple of other modifications, such as a decent exhaust and maybe a gas flowed head will give a very noticable power increase, without the need to install a longer duration camshaft or increase the compression ratio. If a more radical camshaft is installed or planned, it is neccessary to stay close to the original ratio, to avoid excessive valve lift which will inevitably accelerate valve and guide wear.

The Rocker Oil Feed Kit must be fitted when using roller rockers. The stainless steel braided hose supplies much needed oil direct to the rocker assembly and minimises wear and damage. The adaptor fits neatly in-line with the oil pressure switch, and the banjo connects to an existing hole in the rear of the cylinder head.

  Description Price
Roller Rocker Kit, Hi Lift 1.55:1 Part Number: TT1445 Application: Spitfire & Herald
Roller Rocker Kit, Hi Lift 1.65:1 Part Number: TT1446 Application: Spitfire & Herald
Roller Rocker Kit, Hi Lift 1.65:1 Part Number: TT1246 Application: 6 Cylinder
Valve Spring Set, Large Diameter Part Number: TT1408 Notes: For Roller Rockers Application: 4 Cylinder
Valve Spring Set, Large Diameter Part Number: TT1708 Notes: For Roller Rockers Application: 6 Cylinder
Valve Spring Caps, Lightened (each) Part Number: TT1116 Application: 4 & 6 Cylinder
Rocker Oil Feed Kit Part Number: TT1226 Notes: For Roller Rockers Application: All Models