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High Performance Radiators - Mini

High Performance Radiators - Mini

Minis can sometimes suffer from cooling problems, especially when the engine has been tuned or where cars are in hot climates. To overcome these cooling issues we offer a variety of performance radiators.

A 2 core radiator is ideal for fast road and has 2 rows of large cores with v shaped gills. It therefore does not have the capacity that the 4 core has and relies more on air flow.

If the vehicle is to be used off road in any way we would recommend using the 4 core radiator. For race applications a 4 core is best where extreme cooling is required.

Our special 3 core fast road radiator has been developed to include an M22 x 1.5 threaded boss in the heater tank. This allows easy Fitting and adjustment of the Revotec fan controller or installation of thermal switches.

For the ultimate cooling use our alloy radiator, suitable for all applications due to better heat sinking through the aluminium construction and it looks great!

  Description Price
Radiator, alloy, Fletcher Part Number: MT3106 Application: 1959 up to 1992
Radiator, 2 core, high performance, fast road Part Number: GRD4442
Radiator, 2 core, high performance, with fan switch Part Number: GRD4443
Radiator, 3 core, high performance, boss in header tank Part Number: GRD4442TDF
Radiator, 4 core, high performance, grass track/race Part Number: GRD4444
Radiator, alloy, side mounted Part Number: MT3104

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