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Oil Cooler Installation Kits - T Type

Oil Cooler Installation Kits - T Type

Oil thins as the temperature increases, thinner oil reduces oil pressure and is less effective at preventing metal to metal contact. Longer journeys or driving at sustained high speeds, tends to exacerbate the problem. Fitting an oil cooler minimises this effect and helps prevent engine damage. Our kits come with mounting brackets and unions in a variety of styles. Thermostatic kits include a thermostat so the oil does not go through the cooler until it reaches operating temperature, giving quicker warm up. The radiator is supplied separately so you can choose the most appropriate size for you. T-Type oil cooler kits. TB, TC and early TD kits are for early vertically mounted oil filter applications. Late style kits incorporate a cast aluminium sandwich plate to fit between the oil pump and filter canister. Oil coolers are normally mounted below the splash apron. (Hose unions are 1/2” BSP).

  Description Price
Oil Cooler Installation Kit, rubber hoses Part Number: MM235-935 Application: TB, TC, TD to (e)14223

Regular Price: £46.00

Special Price £36.79

Oil Cooler Installation Kit, rubber hoses Part Number: MM235-945 Application: TD from (e)14224, TF

Regular Price: £119.40

Special Price £95.52