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Classic Tracker designed with classic cars in mind


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By Beth Judd
27 July 2018

Moss meets... The brains behind the 'Classic Tracker' which provides a secure and reliable tracking service designed with classic cars in mind.


Credit: Moss Europe Ltd.


We met up with Nick from Classic Tracker to find out more about the 'Classic Tracker' which provides a secure and reliable tracking service designed with classic cars & motorcycles in mind.

Classic Tracker is a three-wire, self-install tracker system which uses GPS & GSM to establish and maintain the secure-status of your classic. In the event of any unauthorised movement or tampering, you receive an alert via app/SMS/email and have access to real-time information on an app or the web. An immobiliser is provided so you can remotely immobilise your car during a theft situation just by accessing the app on your phone or on the web. The Immobiliser Pack involves connecting a relay across either your vehicles' ignition or electric fuel pump which is controlled via a fourth wire from the tracker.

Classic Tracker 'Safer' pack contains: Tracker unit, Immobiliser pack and one year subscription. After the subscription ends you have the option to renew it or cancel it, if you decide to renew it the annual subscription fee is £99.00 per year. DIY installation is straight forward and can be installed in less than 2 hours, however if you’re not sure we recommend installation of the Classic Tracker by a professional.


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