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transforming your car's interior trim


Ian Cushway profile Image

By Ian Cushway, 03rd April 2020


Transforming your car's interior


Inside job
There is still time to take advantage of our Interior Trim, Hoods and Accessories Sale, and so now is a great time to get the inside of your classic looking and feeling great. Whether you want to replace, restore, preserve or accessorise your interior, you will find savings across our range. The sale sale includes trim kits, carpet kits, seats and seat covers, seat belts, door cards, hoods & tonneau, steering wheels, dashboards and other accessories. We’ve prepared some tips to get you inspired...

How to transform your car's interior
Sadly, a car's cabin is the thing that gets the least amount of time or attention when carrying out a driveway tidy-up. All too often, it's a case of 'out of sight, out of mind'. Yet, a tidy interior will make a world of difference to a car's overall appearance, and because it's where you'll be spending most of your time while out enjoying your classic, it deserves a little more love. However, don't think that you'll need to take out a second mortgage to finance an interior makeover because there's lots you can do yourself, and we've also got some neat accessories that will add instant cool to your cockpit.


Interior Trim Blog Image 01

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe 2020


Preservation not restoration
It's nice to retain some of the original character of your interior, so before you trash your trim, chuck carpets and sell your seats stop and think for a moment. Can you resurrect the originals and retain the historic feel inside? Sew up rips and threadbare seats to prevent them getting any worse, and add patches or repair sections using new material if necessary to retain that original 'patina'. We sell a raft of specialist car care products by Meguiar’s, Renovo & Connolly in our Interior Care range that will help get your car's interior looking good again.


Interior Trim Blog Image 02

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe 2020


Don't get in a flap
Flapping door panels, missing handbrake gaiters and armrests or fittings that aren't secured properly can instantly add to that unloved feeling inside your car. With door panels, do the job properly by inspecting the plastic membrane behind the trim, replacing it if necessary, and ensuring that all of the panel clips are in place to prevent the door cards from coming adrift. Go round replacing any missing clips – most types are still available.


Interior Trim Blog Image 03

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe 2020


Cover it up
If your seat materials are too far gone, fit seat covers. You can choose to keep things factory and stick with cloth or vinyl or go for more luxury with leather. You can even add a personal touch by picking a colour to match your car's exterior. Best of all, it's something you can do yourself; remove the seats from the vehicle, carefully remove the old covers and fit the new ones in their place. If you're lucky enough to own an MGB Roadster (1970-'80) then why not go the whole hog and order one of our made to order leather interior trim packages.


Interior Trim Blog Image 04

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe 2020


Take a pew
It goes without saying that all those years of different bums sitting on your seats will have taken their toll on the padding. Reviving that 'as new' feel won't be difficult though as you can buy replacement foam which will make your seats as supportive as when they left the factory. Remove the covers, fit the new padding underneath, then put back the cover - job done!


Interior Trim Blog Image 05

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe 2020


Bucket and see
Tired of your old pews? No worries because you can buy an assortment of different style seats to change the appearance of your interior. Simply purchase a seat frame so you can fit an alternative instead.


Interior Trim Blog Image 06

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe 2020


Fully tailored
Chances are your car's carpet will be showing its age by now, too, and again there's lots you can do to remedy the situation. Our tip is to keep things looking like they did when new, so pick a good quality carpet kit and take a long weekend to fit it yourself. You'll need to order the precise kit to suit your model and year of car. Whilst the carpet is out of the car, it’s a great opportunity to check the condition of the floor and carry out any repairs or tidying.


Interior Trim Blog Image 07

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe 2020


Keep quiet
Dialling out the din inside a classic will make long journeys a lot more comfortable, so fit some sound deadening. It goes under the carpets, on the floorpan, on the insides of the doors and rear panels and even on the underside of the roof if you're starting from scratch on a car without any headlining check out our sound insulation, again with patience it's a job you can tackle yourself on your driveway.


Interior Trim Blog Image 08

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe 2020


Belts and braces
If a car's got seatbelt anchorage points, belts must be fitted and worn. Meanwhile, cars and light vans made after April 1, 1987 must have seatbelts for each seat. Central seats may have a lap belt, otherwise a three-point affair must be fitted... So if your existing belts are looking tired, now's a good time to replace them with smart new ones. You can even get buckle belts with different coloured fabrics if you're going for a custom look, choose from a good range of Securon seatbelts & harnesses which will fit most models.


Interior Trim Blog Image 09

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe 2020


Touch wood
With age, the wood veneer applied to dashboards and door cappings can fade and crack , making a once classy-looking interior look decidedly down at the heal. While it's sometimes possible to carry out localised DIY repairs, matching the wood isn't easy – and often you're better off replacing the dash or door fittings with new ones. Moreover, it will give you the opportunity to replace a nondescript wood with one that's far more distinctive like a rich burr walnut. Own a car with a cracked plastic dash top? Don't worry, we sell those too.


Interior Trim Blog Image 10

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe 2020


Finally, why not spoil your classic with some interior accessories. Take your pick from a wide range of period-looking extras that you'll be able to fit over the weekend, including everything from wood-rimmed Moto-Lita steering wheels to leather toolbags. With a few carefully selected additions you'll have your car's cabin looking as special as the outside in no time!



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