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MX-5 Upgrades Guide blog


Ian Cushway profile Image

By Ian Cushway, 18th September 2020


Spoiling your MX-5


Check out some of our favourite upgrades and accessories for the iconic and famously fun two-seater.


Although autumn's approaching, there's still plenty of time to get out and enjoy wind-through-the-hair motoring in your MX-5 before the nights draw in and opportunities to take the top off are fewer and farther between. While you're at it, why not make the whole experience a bit more fun by picking a few accessories from our selection of best-sellers...


MX-5 Upgrades Guide image 01

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe Ltd


Power to the people
There’s no doubt that the featherweight MX-5 feels hugely responsive, and yet there's still a little room for fettling. Start by considering our hugely popular K&N 57i Performance Induction kit to feed a bit more air into your engine. It will tidy up the front of your engine bay, produce a satisfying growl on acceleration and free up a few extra horses too. Moreover, the kit comes with simple instructions showing how you can fit it yourself.

Still in the engine bay, why not replace those oily black heater hoses with a set of silicone replacements. Not only will they look smarter, but they will improve reliability because they won't crack, perish or become brittle. Our silicone hoses are pre-formed for a perfect fit.


MX-5 Upgrades Guide image 02

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe Ltd


Better response
As long as it's been treated to regular oil changes, the stock gearbox shouldn't need any upgrades. That said, if your clutch is feeling a little ropey, start by replacing it with one of our Exedy kits – they're OE quality and come with cover, plate and release bearing. A lighter flywheel, will improve engine response, too. Alternatively, go the whole hog with one of our competition clutch kits for quality, longevity and performance.


MX-5 Upgrades Guide image 03

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe Ltd


Sounds good
Replacing the standard exhaust manifold and exhaust is another popular route to unleashing a little more power from a MX-5 – and you'll acquire a spicier soundtrack at the same time!

Our Cobalt tuned stainless steel manifolds are a really hot seller. People like it because it's been specially designed to pull through a wide power band, but without the irritating throb you get from cheaper aftermarket manifolds.

Once fitted, you'll want what's generally considered to be one of the best exhaust systems currently available for the MX-5! Exclusively available from Moss are the Mk1 mirror-polished Cobalt exhaust or the Mk2 mirror-polished Cobalt exhaust.


MX-5 Upgrades Guide image 04

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe Ltd


Too hot to handle?
The MX-5 is well known for excellent and engaging handling. With double wishbone suspension, 50/50 weight distribution and scalpel sharp steering, the roadster is superb in standard guise, and a great base to build upon. Budget suspension upgrades will more than likely have a detrimental effect on the handling and ultimately ruin the work that Mazda put into the renowned chassis, so choose carefully. Many owners pick the tried and tested MeisterR coilovers kits which are available for all models from Mk1 through to Mk4. Our big sellers are the Meister ZetaCRD Coilovers which are designed for fast road use but not at the detriment of comfort, and the Meister ClubRace Coilovers which are a little stiffer but still perform well on the road without feeling harsh.


MX-5 Upgrades Guide image 05

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe Ltd


Better bushes
Of course one of the most simple and effective ways to tighten up your MX-5's handling is to replace your original suspension bushes with polyurethane replacements. They'll improve road-holding and steering response without introducing unwanted vibration, noise or harshness. Oh, and they have a much longer service life than the stock bushes. Our range of SuperPro Bushes will have your MX-5 feeling like new again, only better!


MX-5 Upgrades Guide image 06

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe Ltd


Braking bad?
Mazda stoppers are certainly adequate for most occasions, but for more spirited motoring why not consider an upgrade? Even a relatively simple upgrade to Goodridge braided brake hoses will provide improved pedal feel. If you’re looking for some real stopping power, our most popular item is the Wilwood Big Brake Kit with huge 4 piston calipers in black powdercoat and your choice of vented or cross-drilled/slotted rotors, these kits will not only have you stopping on a penny, they will look fantastic behind your wheels too.


MX-5 Upgrades Guide image 07

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe Ltd


Wheel thing
The first thing many MX-5 owners do is fit replacement aftermarket wheels. The problem is those factory alloys are some of the lightest available so different wheels can have a big negative effect on the way your car drives, and so weight should be considered alongside style and fitment. That's specifically why our Enkei RPF1 and Japan Racing wheels are always top of our best seller list. There's a range of styles available to suit all tastes.


MX-5 Upgrades Guide image 08

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe Ltd


Keep in trim
These performance upgrades are all well and good, but a tatty cabin will detract from your driving experience. The purchase that will instantly smarten up your interior will be new carpet. Our big sellers are; Mk1 Carpet Sets, Mk1 Boot Carpet and Mk1 Door Cards. But why stop there? If you search our website you'll find all manner of other interior goodies, with everything from steering wheels, wooden gearknobs, centre console and switch surrounds, to wind deflectors, roll hoops and luggage racks. In fact, you can accessorise to your heart's content!


MX-5 Upgrades Guide image 09

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe Ltd


Take in the air
On the outside our Turn Signal Intakes (TSI) are a clever and neat addition which supply cool air to your engine compartment. Oh, and you'll benefit from our Switchback LED side light and indicator bulbs. These allow you to use the same lamp for both side light and indicator.

But your exterior personalisation needn't end there. Chrome trim is always popular and we're getting lots of calls about these mirrors. Fuel Lid Cover Kits are also a big seller and they take just 10 minutes to fit!.


MX-5 Upgrades Guide image 10

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe Ltd


Top down thinking
A really worthwhile upgrade would be to replace the factory hood with something a bit more sophisticated. Our hoods are computer cut for a precise fit and crucially feature rain gutters to avoid getting wet when you crack open a window. Take your pick from our range of hoods which come in a variety of styles and materials, including mohair, and even order one with a heated glass rear window.


MX-5 Upgrades Guide image 11

Credit: Photo by Moss Europe Ltd


And finally
An important piece of advice for those about to lavish their MX-5 with accessories. Make sure you're working from a solid base to begin with – one thing about MX-5s that isn’t fun is rust! But fear not, we’re able to provide replacement panels for the usual suspects. Also make sure that your car is well serviced and that it steers and drives as well as it should. Skipping the fundamentals may limit the benefit of any upgrades, and might just come back to bite you.

With that box ticked, you’re ready to refine your roadster! … what are you waiting for?



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