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Manifold, exhaust, extractor, tubular, large bore, mild steel

Manifold, exhaust, extractor, tubular, large bore, mild steel


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Improving the gas flow through the engine is the key to gaining more power, a simple first step 'Stage 1' is to upgrade the induction!

Fitting an extractor manifold with a performance exhaust allows the engine to breathe more easily. To gain the most benefit from our extractor manifolds and performance exhaust systems they should be used together.

Extractor Manifolds work by allowing the gasses to flow through a smoother path. Using larger bore pipes also reduces back pressure in the manifold and cylinder head. Additional power can be gained by wrapping the manifold, this reduces the temperature in the engine bay, allowing cooler air into the carbs, and keeping the exhaust gasses hot which means they have less density and flow more freely, see our selection of Heat Insulation products.

Our manifolds and systems are manufactured to the highest standards and are available in high quality mild steel. All pipes are mandrel bent to maintain tube shape and assembly is done on jigs to ensure accuracy and quality fit.

The MGC Tubular Manifold uses a 6 into 2 configuration to connect to either our Moss Sports exhaust system or Falcon exhaust systems.

Part Number: TMG11700

  • specification
    • Moss USA Part Number 780-025
      Included Quantity Single
      Brand Maniflow
      Condition New