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Hydragas Coil Spring Conversion Kit - MGF

Hydragas Coil Spring Conversion Kit - MGF

The MGF has always been considered a well balanced and good handling sports car, which is partly due to the Hydragas suspension. As many Hydragas units are reaching the end of their service life and replacement units have been unavailable for some time, MGF owners have often been unable to rectify faulty units making some cars unusable. We now stock the only viable alternative to replacing faulty Hydragas units.

This conversion kit has been devised as a direct replacement for the original Hydragas system. It includes a set of specially developed progressive rate coil springs cased in bespoke canisters that replicate the Hydragas unit, allowing the spring assembly to directly replace the original units without any modification to the suspension or subframe.

The original Hydragas displacers have inherent damping characteristics and only require minimal additional damping. The dampers supplied have been specially developed to provide the correct overall level of damping, maintaining the MGF’s handling characteristics. This conversion must only be used with these dampers and not other aftermarket brands. Supplied as a car set of components.

The kit includes:

  • 2 x front spring canister assemblies
  • 2 x rear spring canister assemblies
  • 2 x front dampers
  • 2 x rear dampers
  • Fitting instructions

Please Note: Knuckle joints are not included with this kit. We recommend these are replaced if required.
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Hydragas Coil Spring Conversion Kit Part Number: XPT006310 Application: 
Knuckle Joint Part Number: RHF100070 Application: