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HT Lead Sets

HT Lead Sets

Get the spark from your Sports Coil with Silicone Leads. Designed to perform. We stock 2 grades of H.T. Lead; Standard & High Performance Silicone. The Silicone Leads transmit greater energy to the spark plug creating a stronger spark and, the silicone insulation is able to withstand much higher temperatures, improving reliability.

  Description Price Qty  
HT Lead Set, screw fit Part Number: GHT102 Notes: Includes Caps Application: MGB 1962-1968
HT Lead Set, push fit Part Number: GHT106 Notes: Includes Caps Application: MGB 1968-1975
HT Lead Set, push fit Part Number: GHT184 Notes: Includes Caps Application: MGB 1975-1980
HT Lead Set Part Number: GHT107 Application: MGB-GT V8
HT Lead Set, silicone Part Number: TT1872 Application: MGB-GT V8