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Gauge, speedo, electronic, 140MPH, black

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These new Smiths Classic digital speedos for heritage cars are the perfect way to bring modern technology into an ageing vehicle.  The Smiths Classic digital speedo measures 100mm (4in) in diameter and features a polished chrome bezel. The gauge shows a range of 0-140mph with digital odometer/trip readout. Featuring on-board "drive-to-set" programming (You fit the speedo, set it to DTS mode, drive a mile (or kilometre for Km/h speedos) and the speedo calibrates itself -  full instructions are supplied.

  • Negative earth vehicles only
  • 12 volts operation
  • Calibration fully programmable up to 125,000 pulses per mile or kilometre.  (Factory calibration 8380 pulses per mile or kilometre)
  • Power consumption less than 100mA, compatible with all types of electronic senders. 
  • Indicated speed tolerance 0% to +5%, Odometer tolerance +/-2%
  • Odometer - up to 999999 miles/km
  • Trip up to 999.9 miles/km

Part Number: GAE155

  • specification
    • Included Quantity Single
      Brand Unbranded
      Condition New
      Manufacturer Part No. SNT5372-09CB