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Gasket Sets

Gasket Sets

From £8.30

We supply two types of gasket sets for the Spitfire engine. The Conversion (bottom end) set is suitable for both 1300 and 1500 models and includes all gaskets necessary to re-build the engine below the cylinder head gasket. The head gasket set comes in three forms depending on engine number (as mentioned in the following paragraph) and contain the gaskets required to service the cylinder head. The two major crank oil seals are not included in any of the gasket sets and should be purchased separately.

Use of correct head gasket:
A cylinder block can be identified by the inclusion or absence of counter bore recesses cut into its top face around each cylinder bore. Blocks without these counter bores are pre engine number FH25000 and must use the gasket set AJM1149. Cylinder blocks with the counter bore recesses will be engine number FH25001 onwards for 1300 cars and FM28001 onwards for the 1500 version. Failure to observe these differences and the subsequent use of the incorrect gasket set will result in the head gasket not sealing.

Image shown is AJM279.

  Description Price
Conversion Set Part Number: AJM279
Head Gasket Set Part Number: AJM1149 Application: 1300 To (e) FH25000E
Head Gasket Set Part Number: AJM1209 Application: 1300 From (e) FH25001E
Head Gasket Set Part Number: AJM1195 Application: 1500 From (e) FM28001E
Core Plug Set Part Number: GAC7201X Application: inc. iems 2, 3, 34, 48, 50, 63
Jointing Compound, 'Wellseal' Part Number: 600569A Application: 100ml tube