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Ethanol Proof Fuel Hose by Gates

Ethanol Proof Fuel Hose by Gates

From £7.20

Gates "Barricade" fuel hose can accommodate any fuel used with a conventional carburettor, and exhibits extremely low permeability.

  • Compatible with ethanol, methanol and all blends of petrol and alcohol
  • Achieves five times less fuel vapour permeation than conventional hoses
  • Rated for use to 50 PSI, for any carburettor application
  • Rated for temperatures from -40 to 125 degrees C°
  • Not suitable for high pressure fuel injection, can be used on the low pressure fuel return
  Description Price
Fuel Hose, Gates Barricade, ethanol proof, 3/16" ID, per metre Part Number: GFH1018X
Fuel Hose, Gates Barricade, ethanol proof, 1/4" ID, per metre Part Number: GFH1025X
Fuel Hose, Gatea Barricade, ethanol proof, 5/16" ID, per metre Part Number: GFH1031X